My name is Nicholas Ryan and I am a dancer, a martial artist, and a fire performer. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, but it was on a very remote mountain side in northern California that I learned to fire dance. It was in 2009 that my mentor at the time gifted to me my first fire prop, a set of nun chucks. He taught me how to burn safely and impressed upon me the necessity to do so. Being isolated in the mountains gave me plenty of opportunities to practice.
I quickly fell in love with fire dancing for many reasons. The sound of the flames roaring as they fly through the air. The sight of the entrancing orange and yellow light, painting different shapes and patterns on to the night. The feeling of heightened focus and creativity that comes from the flow state. Besides the sensations it creates, I also fell in love with the very vibrant and eclectic community surrounding the art. People from so many different walks of life and parts of the world, each with their own unique style of movement and expression. I had found a veritable cornucopia of talent and inspiration. It was beautiful.
I soon came to realized that one of my favorite things to see in another person is passion. When someone is clearly and genuinely emotionally invested in something, its unmistakable. If you’re watching closely, you might catch a glimpse of something much more amazing than what is on the surface, and that is what is inside. This is why I strive to spread my passion, so that I might inspire others to spread their passions. It is the aspiration of my art work to inspire others to do what they love and shine bright. Maybe we can make the world a little bit more beautiful if we all shine together.



Create Your Own Adventure

As a child I truly loved video games. I’d spend countless hours earning points, overcoming challenges, and defeating bosses. Even when I was away from the games, I would strategize about how to play more effectively. In my mid 20’s I really started to analyze how I was spending my time and why I enjoyed these games so much. Throughout all of the games I played there I found a common theme; Enhanced abilities. Once I realized that what I was doing in the virtual world, I could train myself to do in the real world, I started redirecting my time and effort. Training my body was better for my health, my mind, and my wallet. I was no longer only able to enjoy the fruits of my labor while holding a controller in front of a tv screen. Instead of building stats and collecting abilities with the hero of a digital adventure, I became the hero of my own adventure. This revelation shifted the course I was setting for my life significantly and ultimately led me to become the person that I am today. I’ll never know for certain how other paths I might have taken would have turned out, but I do know that I am truly grateful for the life I’ve lived thus far.


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