My time training in the martial and circus arts has certainly changed my life for the better. Pursuing this art form has benefited me greatly and I am certain of its potential to do so for others as well. It serves as a moving meditation that can help one reach what 1970’s psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi named, “the flow state.” In this state our brain’s electrical and chemical patterns change, driving a shift in how we process information. We act spontaneously and effortlessly as our senses become heightened, time becomes distorted, and our attention becomes laser focused. You can learn more about the benefits of flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s TED Talk or this great article in TIME Magazine.

If I can help even a few people in getting started on their path to finding their unique and personal flow, then I will have achieved my goal of giving back to an art form that has given me so much.

I offer lessons in:

Rope Dart

Rope Dart originated in China as a martial arts weapon as early as 700 AD and has since spread the world over. Today, rope dart is widely practiced in its classic martial arts form, as a dance performance, and casually as a skillful hobby. Rope darts are characterized by a length of flexible tether (I.E. rope or chain) with a weight at one end (often being a knife, dart, or sphere).


One of the oldest tools used by man, staves date back to the beginning of recorded history. Over the millennia, they have been used for everything from self defense, to assisted walking. For performances, the most common styles of use you will see are staff spinning (like baton twirling) and contact staff (balancing and rolling the staff over the body without gripping it directly with hands).

Puppy Hammer

Puppy Hammer or Ox Bow Meteor Hammer (as its known in Chinese Martial Arts) is a length of tether with a weight at either end. This prop combines techniques from both Poi and Staff as well as having many techniques unique to itself.

Club Juggling and Manipulation

Even though knife and torch juggling  have been around at least 2000 years, the first juggling clubs were created in the late 1800’s in North America. Juggling is an art that is practiced world wide and has many different styles. The most common style you will see is toss juggling (usually with three or more items), but club swinging (with two or more clubs) is also a personal favorite of mine.


Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between two anchors. Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking.

Hand Balancing

Hand balancing is the performance of acrobatic body shape changing movements, or stationary poses, or both, while balanced on and supported entirely by one’s hands or arms. It is performed by acro dancers, circus performers, gymnasts, and sports acrobats. Hand balancing may be performed by partners or individuals

Each discipline is organized into sets of lessons and each lesson is based on a technique or concept and its variations and/or applications.  Lessons are available individually or as a set.



Single Lesson (1 hour) – $30

Lesson Set 1 (4 lessons) – $100

Lesson Set 2 (8 lessons) – $180

Lesson Set 3 (12 lessons + Fire Safety Lesson + Supervised Light Up) $250


If you are looking to start some lessons, but are a little short on funds, I have a few options for discounts:

The first offer is for kids lessons. As a parent myself, I know first hand that raising  children isn’t cheap. I didn’t want costs to prevent any interested children from pursuing this fun, constructive, and healthy activity. Any child ages 7-17 will receive a 20% discount on any lesson or lesson set.

The next option is through group lessons. If you have one or more friends that want to learn with you, I can teach a group lesson where each person receives a 50% discount. You not only benefit from the discount but also from having someone to practice and progress with!

Lastly, I offer discounts for referrals. If someone purchases any number of lessons from me and mentions that you referred them, you will have discounts available for your next purchase. The larger your referrals purchase, the larger the discount to you!

Contact me here to schedule your lesson today!

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